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Our digital cards are very versatile and can be used for a number of use cases.
Adaptations and specializations are often made to bring the ultimate experience to you and your end users.

Loyalty programs

Increase loyalty within your audience by awarding points to those that often interact with you by signing up to your races or taking part in your activities. A loyal customer that feels appreciated is often a great ambassador for your organization.

Corporate wellness

An active employee is often a healthy employee, and healthy employees often perform better at work. By investing in a corporate wellness program, based on awarding activity using the gamification and interactions in RunRedeem, your staff will have fun and feel better.

Brand activations

When you're e.g. a sponsor to a race, you want to be seen by the participants in the race. RunRedeem can be used for activity based activations, combining different ways of interaction between you as a sponsor and the participants, making them form a bond with your brand.

Latest clients

We're proud to work with committed people in various organizations around the globe.
Here are some of them!

About RunRedeem

RunRedeem utilizes the simplicity of the Apple- and Google wallet to create easy-access and light weight digital cards for organizations working with or around endurance events, sports in general or for corporate wellness.


No man is an island

A passive digital wallet card never made anyone's day. An organization using RunRedeem can interact with card holders in many different ways, in person or by existing or custom made integrations, instantly rewarding the card holder for their actions.


Time to level up?

The gaming industry is a role model, always encouraging gamers to pursue the next level by constantly challenging and rewarding them. Take this gamification behaviour to your race, run crew, employees, etc. with the power of RunRedeem.

  • Using RunRedeem for the 3rd edition of XXL Energy Congo River Marathon was a great way for us to upgrade the participant experience and on the race organization side to simplify the Bib number collection process. The participants enjoyed coming just with their phone and digital card to pick up their race kit.

    Rolly Kayumba, Congo River Marathon

Benefits with Digital Cards

We might be biased, but using RunRedeem and digital wallet cards has lots of benefits from other approaches for membership, wellness programs and activity based activations.

Always close

Who leaves their phone behind, right?

Your phone is probably within reach at least 90% of the time you're awake. Hence is also the digital wallet and the digital card never far away.


Nothing stays the same forever

Whenever something changes, digital wallet cards can be updated from the RunRedeem admin.

Location aware

Use the built-in GPS

Adding locations of interest to the cards make them show up on the card-holders lock screen whenever they're close to that location. And the text displayed can of course be set in RunRedeem.

Language aware

It's a big world

Are you targeting an audience that speaks meny different languages? The cards can be configured to be displayed in the preferred language of the user's phone, making it accessible to everyone.

Environmentally friendly

Paper is soo old-school

Handing out paper or plastic is a burden for the environment, with RunRedeem and the digital cards everything is handled electronically and we save some trees.

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We are happy to talk you through any projects or run live demos for those wishing to see what it is all about. We are looking forward to discussing how RunRedeem can help you and your organization!

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